University Museum

In year 2010, on the eve of 170th anniversary of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University; the historical museum of the university came into existence. It was the brain child of Vice-president of National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine, Rector of the University, academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Honorary scientist and technician of Ukraine, Honorary doctor of Ukraine, corresponding member of NAPS of Ukraine and Professor V.F. Moskalenko, head at department of social medicine and health protection.

The theme of the museum comprises of following sections:

  • At Inception: In 1841, inaugurating the medical faculty at St. Volodymyr Kyiv university;
  • Modern era: Kyiv medical institute and medical faculty during XIX-XX C.;
  • O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University.

The museum is constructed in a well planned manner where the visitors will find glass units consisting of thematic exhibitions of over 900 pieces of exhibits which includes 450 scientific works by various doctors, scientists, graduates and employees from the university during 1841-2011.

The museum also displays various personal items, photo gallery and scientific research works by eminent professors and academicians like: Karavayev V.O., Pirogov M.I., Walter O.P, Bets V.O., Volkovych M.M., Matveyev O.P., Korchak-Chepurkibskyy O.V., Bogomolets O.O., Bernadskyy Yu.Y., Amosov M.M., Goncharuk Ye.G., Bratus V.D., Danylevskyy M.F., Gromashevskyy L.V., Ivanov V.M., Zazybin M.I., Kysil O.A., Kalyuzhnyy D.M., Krymov O.P., Kozlov M.I.,Lurie O.Yu., Lavryk S.S., Medvid L.I., Marzeyev O.M., Romodanov A.P., Mering F.F., Strazhesko M.D., Sidelnikov V.M., Cherkes O.I., Subbotin V.A., Yanovskyy F.G. and Shymanovskyy Yu.K. Visitors can also see the medical equipments and tools from XIX- very beginning of XIXc and everything related to the history of the university. One would really find it interesting to see the exhibitions dedicated to famous alumni of the university - play-writer and writer M.A. Bulgakov, V.F. Voyno-Yasenetskyy (St. Luka) and world-known cardiologist, Laureate of Nobel Prize for Peace, academician Ye.I. Chazov.

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