Rules for Admission

As per the policy of admission which is carried out according to the rules and regulations of the University. The Mbbs Admission in Ukraine is carried out directly throughout the academic year. Foreigners are enrolled to higher educational establishments with in the country on the basis of the direction from Ministry of Education. The reception of foreigners for studies is carried out on the basis of international agreements, national programmes, and agreements made by higher educational colleges/ Universities with legal and natural bodies or entities. The Mbbs Admission in Ukraine is carried out by-

  • Filling the application form by visiting the Universities website or one can download the form from the website itself.
  • Submit along with copy of international passport, copy of school leaving certificate, filled up application form, and the registration amount of 425 USD (approx) for covering charges of invitation letter, courier and bank processing.
  • Send all documents through e mail or courier and wait for the invitation letter.
  • Apply for visa on receipt of invitation letter.
  • One has to contact Ukraine Embassy with original copy of invitation letter, original passport, higher secondary/ bachelor degree/ master degree completion certificate, birth certificate, medical certificate for physical and mental fitness proof, sponsorship letter and No Objection Certificate (for minors) from guardian and bank statement to stand proof for it, passport size photos.
  • After that candidates need to wait for receipt of visa and then have to arrange for departure.
  • Europe is one of the destinations where students always prefer to come and takes pride to study medicine, so it is counted in top for having Best Medical Schools and the dream of becoming a professional is fulfilled by a country named Ukraine. The National Medical University is one of the Best Medical Schools in Ukraine turning out specialists and experts almost every year. The Best Medical Schools in Ukraine thus provides an opportunity to foreign students to show their caliber and efforts in the overall medical profession, is also known for providing flexible admission procedure and a quality based education with excellent academic results.


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