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Law of Ukraine

On introduction of the change into Law of Ukraine "On fulfillment of state procurements" as to simplification of procurement procedure for goods, works and services by higher schools and scientific research establishments.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine resolves:

  • 1.

    To add Part Three Article 2 Law of Ukraine "On fulfillment of state procurements" (Vidomosti Verkhovnoyi Rady Ukrayiny, 2010 No 33, p. 471; with changes, introduced by Laws of Ukraine, dd. 7, July, 2011 No 3612-VI, 8, July, 2011 No 3681-VI and 22, December, 2011 No 4220-VI) with the following paragraph: "goods, works and services, which are procured by higher schools and scientific research establishment at the expense of own earnings".

  • 2.

    This Law enters into force since the day that follows the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine V. YANUKOVYCH

c. Kyiv

20, March, 2012

№ 4545-VI

Publications of document

Golos Ukrayiny, dd. 14.04.2012 — No 69

Uriadovyy curyer, dd. 19.04.2012 — No 71

Declaration about intents. Construction of project "Hostel of Bogomolets National medical university c. Kyiv, Golosiyivskyy district, Akademika Zabolotnogo street, 148"

  • 1.

    Investor (customer) - Bogomolets National medical university

  • 1.1

    Mailing address – 01601, c. Kyiv, T. Shevchenko boulevard, 13. Phone: (044) 234-40-62

  • 2.

    Place for location of construction site - Akademika Zabolotnogo street, 148 in Golosiyivskyy district c. Kyiv.

  • 3.

    Characteristics of object – The project anticipates constructing a 10 storey hostel, which is designed for accommodation of students and postgraduate students of Bogomolets National medical university in c. Kyiv. technical and technological data of project do not anticipate the manufacture of products and expenditure of raw materials.

  • 4.

    The social economic necessity in offered activity. The construction of the object will improve the social economic situation both in the city in the whole and in the district in particular. The construction of the hostel anticipates the establishment of comfortable conditions for students and entrants: arrangement of 221 living rooms, organization of cafeteria, library, internet club and hairdresser's.

  • 5.

    Need in resources at construction and operation:
    land resources of 0.44 ha, being in long term lease at the customer; no raw materials are anticipated;
    energy provision with energy resources is anticipated from city networks according to technical specifications:

    • Heat supply – according to TU No 624, dd. 06.06.2011, heat loading of object – 0.709 Gcal/year 0.825 MW);
    • Power supply – according to TU No 43308/1, dd. 17.06.2011 maximum design load – 500 kW;
    • Water resources for water supply and sewerage of object is anticipated from city networks;

      • Water supply – according to TU No 4801, dd. 28.02.2011, amount of water – 98.5 m3/day;
      • Sewerage – according to TU No 4695, dd. 28.02.2011 amount of waste water – 96.0 m/day. Labor resources are defined by detail project, for construction period – by construction-and-assembly organizations;
  • 6.

    Transport provision (at construction and operation) delivery of staff, construction materials and structures is anticipated along existing roads. As well it is anticipated to arrange temporary roads and passages in the development territory during construction.

  • 7.

    Ecological and other restrictions of planned activity due to variants the project will take into consideration ecological, sanitary hygienic, fire prevention and territorial restrictions according to existing legislative legal acts and regulatory documents.

  • 8.

    Necessary ecological engineering preparation and protection of territory due to variants: not needed.

  • 9.

    Possible impacts of planned activity (at construction and operation) on environment

    • geological environment: not anticipated;
    • climate and microclimate: not anticipated
    • air environment: contamination with emissions from motor transport and laundry:
    Name of Containing Agent Maximum concentration limit, mg/m3 Amount of emissions, g/s Amount of emissions, t/year Results from calculation of dispersion of contaminating agents, MCL share
    Nitrogen dioxide 0.2 0,00231717 0,00304476 0,9123* h
    Carbon oxide 5.0 0,02751323 0,03615239 0,6379*
    Sulphur dioxide 0,5 0,00018429 0,00024216 less than 0,05
    Soot 0,15 0,00015708 0,00020640 less than 0,05
    Ammonia 0,2 0,00000032 0,00000041 less than 0,05
    Methane 50,0 0,00012530 0,00016464 less than 0,05
    Nitrogen oxide 0,4 0,00001858 0,00002441 0,1610*
    Non-methane light organic compounds 1,0 0,00445614 0,00585537 0,0445
    Benzapyrene 0,00001 0,00000068 0,00000089 0,6798
    Lead 0,001 0,00000103 0,00000135 less than 0,05
    Sodium carbonate 0,04 0,0001013 0,0010648 less than 0,05
    Synthetic detergent of "Lotos" type 0,03 0,0002085 0,0022097664 less than 0,05

    *taking into consideration the background pollution level.

    • Water environment: temporary changes in conditions of surface discharge during earthworks. It is anticipated to remove the domestic waste waters (96.0 m3/day) to internal site sewerage network. The waste waters, being formed at the object, are sent to city sewerage networks and pass through treatment at city sewerage treatment facilities.
    • Soils: temporary pollution at construction site with construction materials and debris; after completion of construction – no impact;
    • Flora and fauna, reserve objects: not anticipated;
    • Surrounding social environment (population): establishment of 32 new working places, improvement in living conditions for students and post-graduate students of Bogomolets National medical university
    • Surrounding technological environment: not anticipated
  • 10.

    Production wastes and possibility for their repeated use, recycling, destruction or safe disposal Construction wastes – recycling

    • Domestic wastes – it is anticipated to have 77,8345 tons of household wastes per year, including 0.075 t/year – wastes of I class of danger, they are handed over for recycling to specialized enterprise according to the contract; 77,827 t/year – wastes of IV class of danger are disposed to polygon of household wastes;
    • Utility domestic wastes – discharge into city sewerage according to TU JSC "Kyivvodokanal" (96.0 m3/day).
  • 11.

    Scope of fulfillment of EIA According to requirements of DBN А.2.2-1-2003 "Design. Composition and content of materials for Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) while designing and constructing enterprises, buildings and facilities".

  • 12.

    Participation of society. Proposals and comments should be sent during a month to the address of Bogomolets National medical university: 01601, c. Kyiv, T. Shevchenko boulevard, 13. Phone: (044) 234-40-62.