Meeting -Requiem on Occasion of Day of Dignity And Freedom

The meeting-requiem on occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom was held on 21, November, 2014 at lime lane near the stele in honor of Heroes of Nebesna Sotnia. Students, teachers of Bogomolets NMU, pupils of Ukrainian medical lyceum were present at solemnities.

The following persons made the speeches at the meeting: first pro-rector on scientific pedagogical activity at Bogomolets NMU, professor Ya.V. Tsekhmister; teacher- Methodist, History teacher of lyceum O.D. Piliavska; participant in Maydan, student of the 2nd course of medical faculty No 2 Olesia Zhukovska; member in students' trade union, student of the 5th course of medical faculty No 2 Roksoliana Shchegliuk; pupils of lyceum Volodymyr Fomin, Mykola Pylypeychenko and Daria Buts. The keen words, memories and poetic lines were sounded, and the performance of the State Hymn of Ukraine by all present people enabled once more to experience the feelings of unity with all, for whom the concepts of Dignity and Freedom are important.

The meeting was finished with the minute of silence. The memorable events of those tragic days and nights assure us the understanding how important the peaceful sky over our Motherland is, the Heroes do not die…