The Kiev National Medical University of Europe provides medical education to almost thousands of students. The Institute is a government University with a very huge staff of doctors, professors and specialist's. Studying Mbbs in Europe is one of the heartiest achievements. Here students are provided with up to date research facilities and equipments. One of the top priority is that the institute provides guaranteed admission with no IELTS/TOEFL and invitation assurance for Indian, African and foreign students.

Why Study in NMU

In 2005, Ukrainian Universities joined the Bologna process at the conference of European ministers in Bergen. This proves to be a great choice for students to study Mbbs in Europe. Students in Ukraine can takes a ride in speedy trains, underground metro, trams, trolley bus etc.

The country is a safe and secured place for all international students. Thus study Mbbs in Ukraine is the best effective way than other EU countries. Study is not just about learning but about growing up with all round development. The university does not just create doctors but to mould and nurture its students to be good human beings working towards humanity and providing personal aids to the people in need. Chances of settlement in other European countries such as Canada, Australia, and United States are also there after successful completion of the studies for Indian students. People are friendly, benevolent, generous and malleable and thus prove to be a major point of focus to study Mbbs in Ukraine. Study Mbbs in Ukraine is affordable over other western countries like UK, USA and Australia. The country has a moderate climate throughout the year. It has an outstanding and competent faculty, interaction and conference by visiting delegates from USA, Canada, and UK thus providing a gateway to study Mbbs in Ukraine for Indian students. Students can enjoy bilateral exchange program with Universities in Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Czech Republic. The University provides three months summer jobs during vacation in other EU countries.