International Cooperation

One of the strategic directions in development of University is to achieve the international standards for training of medical and scientific pedagogical staff and to integrate into European educational and scientific space pursuant to the principles of Bologna Declaration. The international activity of NMU has the multiaspect character and is directed to establish and to develop the international contacts and international cooperation of the institution in scientific practical, educational and other spheres through implementation of organizational events for formation of circle of foreign partners, additional financing sources, establishment of conditions for cooperation with foreign citizens, educational institutes, scientific institutions, international organizations, funds.

The international activity of University is directed to achieve the following purposes:

  • To accelerate the integration process of O.O. Bogomolets NMU into international academic space with preservation and further development of scientific improvements and their application in international programs and projects;
  • To establish the conditions for further development and wide implementation of principles and standards for Bologna process;
  • To consolidate the positions at world and national markets of educational services;
  • to provide with the access to the information sources of the best world experience in the sphere of organization of academic, research activity, development of students' self-government, establishment of efficient interactions with the world achievements in the sphere of medicine and pharmacy, their efficient use in educational scientific activity and practice;
  • to involve the University into international educational and scientific research projects;
  • to use international resources to implement University educational and scientific research programs.