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Kiev National Medical University is one of the leading institutes of Ukraine providing education to a large number of International students. O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University believes in producing a large number of experts and specialists almost every year.

Historical Background

His Highness Emperor Mykola I, signed the Highest Rescript about opening the medical faculty at St. Volodymyr University (29.04 in the old style).
History of the University
The decision for opening of the medical faculty
in September 1841 was approved.
History of the University
During 1842, the activity of the medical faculty was brought into existence.
Professor V.O. Karavayev became the first dean at Kiev National Medical University..
Anatomical theater at medical faculty was opened.
History of the University
The student's scientific society "Clinical society of students-doctors" was organized. The organizer of the society was A. Kysil, who later became a famous pediatrician and a public leader.
The surgical and therapeutic clinics were constructed at the University.
History of the University
The obstetric clinic was constructed.
Kyiv Institute of Health Care, which united the medical faculty of St. Volodymyr University, Women's Medical Institute, medical faculty of Ukrainian state university, was established. The Odontologic university, later transformed into the faculty with the same name, was included into it in October 1920.
Kyiv Institute of Health Care was renamed into Kyiv State Medical Academy, which later became Kyiv medical institute.
The newspaper "Red doctors" which was renamed into "Medical cadres", was established in the year 1936.
When the Great Patriotic War started the institute was evacuated to c. Kharkiv and later to Chelyabinsk.
KMI renewed the classes in Kyiv
Kyiv Medical Institute was given with the name of the President of Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR O.O. Bogomolets.
The historical museum of medicine was organized on the basis of the institute.
The institute was reorganized into Ukrainian O.O. Bogomolets state medical university.
By the Decree from the President of Ukraine the university received the status of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University.
Professor V.F. Moskalenko was elected to the post of the rector by the conference of representatives of labor collective on democratic principles.
The Bologna principle was implemented at the Kiev National Medical University.
International Cooperation was intensified under the aegis of the University.
The construction of the new modern academic laboratorial complex with the library was started at the Bogomolets National Medical University.
Granted high level of accreditation from Ministry of Health care of Ukraine.
History of the University
Famous lecture by laureate of Nobel Prize, who was awarded with the title of honorary doctor of medicine at the University
The University was awarded with four golden medals at international specialized exhibitions.
History of the University
The University joined to the association of the Great Charter for leading universities in the world.
History of the University