Examination and Grading System

The Educational system of Ukraine is constantly varying since it's time of evolvement. All the institutes and universities follow the regulatory of International and Ukrainian standards. National Medical University follows a credit transfer system for colleges/universities of academic process. No semester examination sessions are generally conducted in National Medical University and controls which are being conducted are of the following types:

Each seminar classes, practicals during which students are left to know the current topic comes under the current control.

The university expects to successfully fulfill the practical skills for the current class topic in form of a practical examination or lab work. The tasks received by the student as individual, at a department and also his/her independently driven work beyond the commencement of classes are also includes into regular test control.

Then there comes, end module control which is organized when the entire syllabus study for a particular module on an academic department or course is finished including the control of theoretically and practically training sessions. Now, only those students, who have clearly succeeded or obtained the minimum essential credits during regular test control of the existing subject, are considered in making the output of final module control.

The utmost amount of credits scored by a student for each module can be 200 in which 120 credits counted from regular test control and 80 credits counted as final module control. The final module control is taken as passed only if the student has obtained more than 50 credits.

The scores on disciplines are independently converted both into ECTS scale (in dean's offices) and 4-grade scale (at the particular departments. The scores of ETCS scale are not converted into 4-grade scale and vice versa.

After learning the academic discipline all students in a course, who have been studying under one specialty – "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Medical Preventive care", are ranked at dean's offices according to ECTS scale, awarding the final grade. Only those students, who successfully finish studying a discipline, are ranked.

The students, who received FX and X, are not included into the list of students, being ranked, even after passing through the module for the second time. Such students automatically receive E mark after passing through the module for the second time.

ECTS mark Number of students, awarded with the mark
A Best 10% from students
B Next 25% from students
C Next 30% from students
D Next 25% from students
E Last 10% from students

FX and F marks on a discipline are put to the students, who fail to pass through even one module on that discipline even after completion of the curriculum.

FX mark is given to the students, who obtain the minimum amount of scores for current academic activity but have failed to pass the final module control. This category of students is entitled to pass the final module control for the second time according to a department approved schedule during winter or summer holidays (two weeks after finish of the semester or academic year). Not more than 2 repeat attempts are allowed to pass a final module control after failing the first attempt.

F mark is put to the students, who attended all class hours in the module but fail to obtain minimum amount of scores for current academic activity and are not admitted to final module control. This category of students is required to repeat that particular module.

Scores on discipline Mark Acc. to 4-grade scale
From 170 up to 200 scores 5
From 140 up to 169 scores 4
From 139 up to minimum amount of scores 3
Below minimum amount of scores 2

With the permission from pro-rector of scientific and academic work, a student may improve his/her mark on that discipline by passing the final module control for the second time (not more than three times for the whole period of study).