The Researchers of the Bogomolets National Medical University made a large number of discoveries during the period of 1840- 1950. Some of the extraordinary scientific discoveries of the Bogomolets National Medical University are as follows-

1842 О. Walter was the first who proved scientifically the influence of sympathetic nerves on the blood vessels' tone.
1847 V.O.Karavaev was the first after M.I. Pyrogov who used ether narcosis.
1853 О .P.Matveev suggested the method for blennorrheaneonatorum prevention (putting in eyes the drops of 2% silver nitrate solution).
1859 D.F.Lambl discovered and described an elementary unicellular organism that parasitizes in human intestine and that was then named after the scientist - Lambliaintestinalis (lambliosis)
1863 U.К .Shymanovsky worked out in details a surgery of osteoplastic amputation of thigh (the Gritti-Shymanovsky amputation).
1865 U.К .Shymanovsky published his fundamental research on plastic surgery "Surgeries on human body surface"
1870 О .S. Yatsenko was the first in Russia who made skin transplantation in order to remove a skin defect caused by a gunshot wound.
1874 V.О . Betz discovered and described the giant cells of brain cortex (Betz cells).
1874 G.М .Minkh, performing an experiment on him, proved infectiousness of the blood of the patients, suffering from relapsing fever.
1875 F.О .Lesh discovered agents of amebiasis.
1877 S.P.Кolomnin was the first one in the world who made intra-arterial transfusion of defibrinated blood in the field.
1878 P.І. Peremezhko discovered and described indirect division of animal cells (mitosis).
1886 V.К .Vysokovych was the first one to discover ability of some connective tissue cells to capture the microbes that were inserted in blood. It formed the basis of the scientist's doctrine on reticuloendothelial system.
1886 Following the initiative of N.A. Hrzhontsevskogo "Committee for public medical discussions at the Association of Kyiv Doctors" was established. "
1887 V.P. Obraztsov worked out the diagnostic methodology of deep sliding methodic palpation of abdominal cavity organs.
1890 О .D.Pavlovsky introduced in practice boiling of surgical instruments in 1% soda solution.
1890 V.A. Stefansky was the first one in Russia to substitute tracheotomy with intubations in case of diphtheritic croup.
1893 D.К .Zabolotny and І .G. Savchenko, performing an experiment on them, proved that taken intrinsically vaccine, made of killed cholera germs, prevents cholera development.
1893 Famous text book of V.V. Pidvysotskyy "Basic principles of General Pathology" was published.
1895 О .D. Pavlovskyy was the first in Russia who prepared and used antidiphtheritic serum for treatment.
1896 V. U. Chagovets constructed ionic theory of origin of bioelectric potentials in living tissues.
1896 М .М .Volkovych developed the method of knee joint resection.
1898 V.К .Vysokovych was the first in Russian and one of the pioneers in Europe who used prophylactic vaccine against typhoid fever.
1901 V.К. Linderman was the first in the world who experimentally reconstructed glomerulonephritis with help of nephro-cytotoxyc serum.
1903 V.U. Chagovets constructed the condenser theory of irritation, explaining the mechanism of irritability of living tissue caused by electric current.
1906 O.F.Shymanovsky was the first in the world who made transplantation of anterior part of an eye ball in a clinic.
1906 М. D. Strazheskodescribed "cannon sound" at heart functional disturbance (the Strazhesko phenomenon).
1909 V.P. Obraztsov and M.D. Strazhesko were the first who gave the clinical description of thrombosis of coronary arteries of heart, thus providing the principles for the life-time diagnosis of myocardial infarction.
1911 D.К. Zabolotny was the first one to separate the culture of the plague causative agent from wild rodent tarbagan, thus confirming his hypothesis. The hypothesis states that the wild rodents (gophers, tarbagans) are carriers of plague microbe in nature. The scientist discovered the ways of bubonic and pneumonic plague transmission and proved curative effect of plague serum.
1912 І .О . Sikorsky established the Child Psychology Institute in Kyiv that was the first one in the world.
1924 О. V.Коrchak- Chepurkivsky worked out the diseases nomenclature in Ukrainian.
1935 М. D. Strazhesko and V. H. Vasylenko worked out a pathogenetic substantiated classification of blood circulation deficiency.
1935 V. U. Chagovets put electrogastrography into practice.
1949 О .Y.Cherkes developed the doctrine on trophic action of cardiac glycosides.