About KIEV

Kiev or Kyiv is the largest city of Ukraine. It is the capital of Ukraine. It is also one of the biggest cities in Europe. Thus, it has many administrative centers as well as cultural, economic, scientific and educational centers also. This city is surrounded with many scenic and heart-loving locations and also has the population of about 3 million people. This city is located on the shores of the Dnieper River.

In the area of education, Kiev stands tighten than rest of the other cities of Ukraine. This city is the center of various scientific and educational activities throughout a year under various universities. There are numerous universities situated here including Kiev national medical university or Kyiv national medical university, which is one of the first educational establishments of Ukraine.


Kiev has an important value among other European cities because it is the home to many scientific, cultural, educational and industrial centers of Europe and also Kiev is known to be as a home to many advance & high technology industries, higher educational institutions for various streams. This city is also known to be a place of world-famous historical and architectural landmarks. Kiev has been developed as a symbol of modernization within its hierarchical and extensive infrastructure. This city is being developed with the highly reliable and urbanized system of public transports and this could be seen with the example of the Kiev Metro.

This university is reputed and renowned amongst other universities of Europe. National medical university Kiev or national medical university Kyiv is another reason of International students to arrive here at Kiev as this university is proving itself as a favorable choice among International as well as local students.

Kiev has some invaluable and historical yet cultural monuments which attract a lot of number of people from all around the world for visits. It is also known as a city of outstanding people because of the great events being organized and celebrated at Kiev, each year. The architecture, arts and sculptures of Ukraine are remarkable and generally are considered as World treasures among tourists and viewers.

Kiev is also known as a home for many world-wide famous artists, poets and writers who enhanced the inimitable and peerless beauty of this city.

If you want to feel the spirit of the past of Kiev or the unique or scenic beauty, then take a walk through the ancient streets and visits the places of Kiev. These are some top reasons which for sure make your stay in Kiev most memorable experiences of yours life.


Among Ukrainians and Russians, Kiev is commonly known as "the mother of all cities" and this might be because it is one of the oldest towns in Europe. You can see the spirit of the past in Kiev everywhere. Kiev is basically distinguished for its rich and vast cultural and historical life.

There are many theatres in Kiev situated at various places for theatre lovers which offers various theatrical programs. Although mostly performances held in Kiev are in Ukrainian or Russian. One recently refurbished Kiev-Opera House presents great opera for all opera lovers as well as it's a hub for ballets lover presenting a broad repertoire of ballets.

Ivan Franko Theater is a center for the local drama and musicals representation. A large number of museums and art-galleries carry out a lot of exhibitions in Kiev for arts-lovers and arts- enthusiasts.

Kiev or Kyiv is one of the biggest cities of Ukraine. The prestigious Kyiv Medical Institute is also situated here. The Kiev city is well developed and having modern infrastructure. One such example is Kiev metro.

In the areas of education, The Kyiv Medical Institute in the city is an institute of excellence providing a quality based education and is a major center of attraction for all the foreigner students. Apart from this the city comprises of valuable, historical and cultural monuments which is one of the major attraction for all tourists. It is also known as "the mother of all cities". Many theatres are situated at various places for theatre lovers and offers theatrical programmes.

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The University offers a wide range of opportunities for those students who want to deepen their skills and professional knowledge.