OO Bogomolets is a person of greatest erudition, a scientist, teacher and patriot of science. The school Kyiv Institute of Healthcare is named after him and is founded in 1841 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Scientific Activities

The scientific activities of O.O. Bogomolets are great and worth achieving.

Many scientists from Kyiv Medical Institute in close cooperation with Bogomolets held researches in various scientific fields.

Some chronicles of readings named after Bogomolets are-

  • Trophic function of nervous system and its disorders in 1974-lecturer M.M. Zayko.
  • Allergy without immunology in 1983 – lecturer A.D. Ado
  • Immunity and Ageing in 1994- lecturer G.M. Butsyko
  • Neuropeptides and Memory in 1982- lecturer I.P. Ashmarin
  • Modern State of problem for cellular reactivity in 1979- lecturer P.G. Kostyuk